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Falling Star, Issue Four

$5.00 / On Sale

Cara struggles to get by in a society riddled with anxiety and suspicion over the growing Alter crisis. What does she have to fear and what is behind her obsession with insects? Agents exercise newly granted powers to respond to the crisis while these same powers are debated on national television. And, what is the connection with the continuing disappearances of people?

Falling Star is an original ongoing comic series created, written and drawn by Cristian Roux. Focusing on a number of super-powered characters each trying to reconcile the nature of their gift, or curse, and their place in the world confronting them. Currently, a twice yearly publication with an emphasis on producing a high quality comic both in story and art. Each issue features a full colour wrap-around cover and contains 32 internal pages of grayscale art.

Focused on creating an allegorical superhero mythology from an Australian viewpoint, Falling Star draws inspiration from current events, social attitudes as well as the creator’s local environment, the Melbourne city-scape.

Pricing is Australian Dollars which which while about as valuable as Monopoly money is my local currency.