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Falling Star


Falling Star is a revisionist superhero mythology set in an alternate future Australia - the stories drawing inspiration from current events, social attitudes and an alternate future Melbourne city-scape. It tells the story of people with unique abilities, Alterhumans, and the burden of possessing power that — despite best efforts — does not come without cost.
Falling Star is an original comic series created, written and drawn by Cristian Roux. Each issue features a full colour wrap-around cover and grayscale internal pages.

Issue 1: Fallout
Following the fallout from a storm of supernatural proportions, city residents struggle to make sense of the world around them. The Alterhuman, Star, has disappeared and as erstwhile companions, Mim and D, search for him they stumble across an unexpected body, strewn amongst rubble. Meanwhile, an escape artist performs seemingly impossible feats in the streets of the city.

Issue 2: For Want of a Hero
A childish dare quickly escalates when it raises the ire of one of the numerous armoured Agents patrolling the city. A representative from the governmental think-tank H.I.V.E (Human Integrated Viral Enhancement), Lance Marko, is confident about the future in these uncertain times. A latenight encounter means the worst for some of the city’s homeless and an unexpected dinner guest changes things dramatically – proving that what they say about Alters must be true.

Issue 3: All That’s Said and Done
Justice may be blind but can she be trusted? Furphy narrowly escapes trouble and discovers a concealed truth about Agents when Justice comes to his rescue. The entity rescued from Agents forges an intrinsic connection with Mim. D prepares to solve technological issues with violence. Allie finds herself incarcerated but cannot recall how she came to be there and Lance Marko offers unsettling reassurance.

Issue 4: Monsters: Cara’s Story
Cara struggles to get by in a society riddled with anxiety and suspicion over the growing Alter crisis. What does she have to fear and what is behind her obsession with insects? Agents exercise newly granted powers to respond to the crisis while these same powers are debated on national television. And, what is the connection with the continuing disappearances of people?